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                Welcome to Ningbo Good Partner Trading Co,. Ltd.'s official website!


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                Become a creative cultural field

                Top world-class enterprise

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                Bring more joy to life

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                Team, customer, professional, intentions、

                Integrity, innovation, happiness

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                From Ningbo to the international:

                more than 100 countries and regions around the world to establish a long-term and stable trade relations of cooperation

                Among them are Walmart, Carrefour, Kmart,

                Disney, Target, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

                About us

                Ningbo Good Partner Trading Co,. Ltd was established in 2003, with its HQ based in Ningbo, a beautiful costal city. Over more than ten years of development, CGP has now become a comprehensive cultural and creative company that incorporates designing, R&D, manufacturing, and marketing. CGP owns multiple factories, trading companies, ecommerce companies, and a production and logistic center. The production and logistic center has attracted nearly 100 million RMB of investment and covers an area of 35,000 square meter and a floor space of 58,000 square meter.

                Our Industry

                We actively explore the domestic market, the creation of the "party magic Square", "Shun Yi" and many other own brand

                Our Business

                The company's main Halloween, carnival, Christmas and other festive supplies and movies, games, animation derivatives, category up to 10,000

                For the future, all odd neighbors will shoulder the "life for more joy" mission, "to become the field of creative
                culture, the world's top enterprises," the dream and continue to work.

                Contact us

                If you have any comments or suggestions on our company, please give us a message by following us. We will reply you soon!

                Ningbo Good Partner Trading Co,. Ltd.

                Add:Ningbo Haishu District Yaluoer Road 406, 2F-3F

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